Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Neutral Baby

Grandma Sorensen wanted to be sure to give the very first gift to Baby Huang so she made this adorable cuddly blanket & we got it in the mail just a couple weeks after we announced the baby. Justin wanted to know how she knew it would be a boy; grandma thought blue was more neutral than pink, and of course she's right. She must think like me - I really can't stand all gender neutral baby stuff in yellows & greens (although green is by far my favorite color). This is probably the biggest reason I insist on finding out the baby's sex. Thank goodness for modern technology. I can't imagine letting the it be a surprise at birth; it will be just as surprising in a few weeks when we have the ultrasound. It will also help us focus when it comes to narrowing the baby names - we think we want to meet baby before we pick a for sure name.

Congrats to Blake & Sara! We visited with them and their darling little Jacob last night & it made me even more excited.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Justin & I made a last-minute trip to Cambria on Friday & stayed at the Cambria Pines Lodge. We liked the place a lot. We had a big room with a fireplace & ate a complimentary hot breakfast in the garden with the butterflies & bumblebees. We spent the morning roaming the gardens & nursery. We'll definitely stay there again. We also took Tour 2 at Hearst Castle, which we both thought was more interesting than #1. We walked the beach & collected green rocks; we don't really know how to tell Jade from anything else, either way we found some pretty pieces to polish up. It was a really fun & relaxing getaway.