Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Nervous Wreck"

Justin had a gastroscopy yesterday. He started having severe chest pain a couple weeks ago and since then he's done a few other tests to rule out cardiac causes. Turns out he has a hiatal hernia. I couldn't find a good video of a gastroscopy. They wouldn't let me go into the lab room while they were doing it. Justin wanted to know what it looked like & was disappointed that there was no video. The doctor said he was a "nervous wreck". He hates medical stuff, especially needles. He was pretty funny under the anesthesia - actually, honery is a better description. He kept telling the med assistant that he could do everything on his own & she had to explain to him over & over that she was required to wheel him to the car, required to do this, that... After he got out of the wheelchair he faked a stumble & asked her how soon he could return to work. The funny thing is that he didn't realize that he really was pretty uncoordinated the whole time. Of course we had the same conversations several times. He kept telling me that he was fine so I thought he was coming out of it and I would explain something that happened to him, but then an hour or so later he would ask me the same exact thing. The med assistant said it was similar to being drunk. I'm glad we don't drink.