Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grandma Bees

Nita Jean Beesley, 1929 - 2009

This year on August 16th I didn't get to hear Gramda's sweet voice singing "Happy Birthday" over the phone. She always called on my birthday; in fact she never missed any of her 6 children's, 16 grandchildren's, or 12 great-grandchildren's birthdays. Instead my mom & dad showed up at my door after church to tell me what had happened. Our family's so big chances are that she would go on someone's birthday and she must have known I wouldn't take it personally! Grandma had sat down on the stand before church and put her head in her hands, waiting for the meeting to start. But when the music began, she didn't get up to lead it.

It's an odd feeling I have about the whole thing; I almost feel bad about how I don't really feel very sad. Grandma was always talking about Grandpa so much that as soon as I heard I immediately imagined her in a young, vibrant and spunky spirit body getting all giddy when she sees him again. Knowing how much she loves Grandpa makes me all sappy and sets an example for eternal marriage and what I should be doing now to strengthen mine. She would talk about how her body was getting old & slow but her mind was still young & active, always wanting to learn more. I think about how she's not limited by her slow body anymore and that she must be jumping at the chance to go to work with Grandpa. She's always worrying about everyone else & finally she's done something for herself (whether she meant to or not). She's a great example of the Atonement to me - she was humble & often admitted things that she could improve about herself. She knew she wasn't perfect but death didn't scare her. Yes, I'll miss her temporarily but I'm also so excited for her.

The funeral service on August 22nd was wonderful, filled with fond memories and stories from friends & family. One thing that I enjoyed hearing was that when Grandpa died 20 years ago someone offered sympathy to Grandma and that she said that she was not sorry - she was excited for Stan because it was "like he had graduated." I think that explains nicely how I feel about Grandma. She was good with words. Thank you to everyone who has sent their sympathy and encouragement to my family.

It was fun to catch up with many family members whom I hadn't seen in too long. We had fun singing together & playing games late into the night.

I had the opportunity to help make the program for the service. I had fun spending many hours scanning in all of the old pictures we had collected of Grandma. She seems to have had such an exciting life, but I think it was what she made of it. Here are some of my favorites.

a beauty at 13


this is how I'll remember her