Friday, November 9, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Justin & I took his brothers Andrew & Alex to the pumkin patch on oak street again this year. We didn't have much time to spend there but we had fun. Alex has been growing fast lately, I felt like I went away to Alaska and when I came back he was a big kid, at least he talked like one. I guess he hasn't matured that much seeing as how he's still afraid of the scarecrows. Justin also grew some facial hair while I was gone & I didn't think I would like it but I do. He's afraid to shave it because he thinks it will give me an excuse to cut my hair short.

More Alaska pics by request...


Movin' Out - Not the best decision we've ever made...

I've wanted to see this show for some time now so I was really excited when I heard it was showing. Justin & I are both big Billy Joel fans. We bought tickets & drove to Thousand Oaks to see it. We were impressed more by the architecture of the theater (which was very cool) than the show itself. We expected a musical. It's a ballet! No speaking, & the music is performed by a band above the dancers (who weren't really that impressive, or maybe it was the mediocre choreography, I don't know). I felt really bad for Justin, who would have been ok with it if he knew I was really enjoying it, but as much as I tried to pretend it really was disappointing. Well, you live & you learn; I guess it's not the worst decision either of us have made either.

Sharktooth Hill

While I was in Alaska Justin & his friends Kenny & Brian went on a fossil hunt at Sharktooth Hill. They found enough shark teeth, petrified wood, bone parts & other ancient oddities that each of them filled a couple sandwich ziplocks. They had so much fun that they went back the very next night. I was a little worried about him contracting valley fever since they say that spot out there is abounding in coccidioidomycosis spores. Yes, SPORES. I know my friends who read this are laughing right now as they used to tease me when I talked about the harmful spores in the air. But valley fever is no joke around here. I got sick right after we went to the fair in 2005 & recovered after only 3 months, which is quick compared to others I know. Luckily Justin seems to be unaffected. Above is a pic of some findings.