Monday, May 16, 2011

Brody is 2 today!

All he wants for his birthday is Cake.

He’s a big talker. “Justin exclaimed under his breath the other day and Brody kept repeating it, Crap! Crap! Crap!” We can understand him almost all of the time.

His top and bottom teeth don’t meet in the middle. That’s probably why he’s not a very good chewer.

His imagination is growing every day. The other morning he ran up to me and excitedly exclaimed, “Bunnies!” while nodding his head up and down. He led me into the family room where he showed me how the shapes on the border of the rug look like bunnies.

He sometimes likes me to sing to him. But he sometimes protests, holding his hands to his ears and saying, "No way, singing."

He lives for trains, planes and autos. Grandpa often takes him down to the tracks looking for trains. On more than one occasion he has sat up from a dead sleep and said, “Thomas!” and then gone right back to sleep. “Thomas” and ‘Train” are often the first words out of his mouth in the morning. His favorite movie is ‘Queen’ (Cars) and he requests to watch it every day, although we only let him about once a week. He hears planes, helicopters and sirens from inside the house when I haven’t even noticed and he always wants to go outside to see.

He loves people. In public he often stretches out his arms to complete strangers asking to be held. He likes to make friends with other kids and he always makes sure to point out his mommy to them! Ah I love it.

He’s a little small for his age, wearing 18 month clothes. But he’s healthy so no complaints here.

He shows absolutely no interest in coloring or crafts.

He has an excellent sense of direction. He used to get upset every time we didn't take the turn off to grandpa's house.

His favorite place to play is on mom and dad’s bed.

He is really interested in hiding. A few times lately he’s been so quiet that I have looked for him for several minutes before he jumped out from behind his hiding place.

I don’t know why but he gets scared and runs to me every time a phone rings or someone knocks at the door.

He likes to climb on top of things and then get your attention and show off. It hasn’t occurred to him that he could climb out of his crib if he wanted to (my fingers are crossed).