Monday, December 24, 2007


Chinese Peak, Sierra Summit

On Dec 22nd we went snowboarding and took Justin's siblings Katie & Andrew along as an early Christmas gift. It was tons of fun! It was my 3rd time snowboarding and we had bought me a board & the works a couple weeks earlier. It was quite a production seeing as how I'm not that great at it & it was Andrew's & Katie's first time at any snowsport. They both did amazing! 4 o'clock came around and while I was completely exhausted Andrew didn't want to stop.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Justin & I took his brothers Andrew & Alex to the pumkin patch on oak street again this year. We didn't have much time to spend there but we had fun. Alex has been growing fast lately, I felt like I went away to Alaska and when I came back he was a big kid, at least he talked like one. I guess he hasn't matured that much seeing as how he's still afraid of the scarecrows. Justin also grew some facial hair while I was gone & I didn't think I would like it but I do. He's afraid to shave it because he thinks it will give me an excuse to cut my hair short.

More Alaska pics by request...


Movin' Out - Not the best decision we've ever made...

I've wanted to see this show for some time now so I was really excited when I heard it was showing. Justin & I are both big Billy Joel fans. We bought tickets & drove to Thousand Oaks to see it. We were impressed more by the architecture of the theater (which was very cool) than the show itself. We expected a musical. It's a ballet! No speaking, & the music is performed by a band above the dancers (who weren't really that impressive, or maybe it was the mediocre choreography, I don't know). I felt really bad for Justin, who would have been ok with it if he knew I was really enjoying it, but as much as I tried to pretend it really was disappointing. Well, you live & you learn; I guess it's not the worst decision either of us have made either.

Sharktooth Hill

While I was in Alaska Justin & his friends Kenny & Brian went on a fossil hunt at Sharktooth Hill. They found enough shark teeth, petrified wood, bone parts & other ancient oddities that each of them filled a couple sandwich ziplocks. They had so much fun that they went back the very next night. I was a little worried about him contracting valley fever since they say that spot out there is abounding in coccidioidomycosis spores. Yes, SPORES. I know my friends who read this are laughing right now as they used to tease me when I talked about the harmful spores in the air. But valley fever is no joke around here. I got sick right after we went to the fair in 2005 & recovered after only 3 months, which is quick compared to others I know. Luckily Justin seems to be unaffected. Above is a pic of some findings.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Alaska Fun

My mom & I had a ton of fun visiting Greg & Stacy, Kassie & baby Simon in Wasilla for 9 days! Although it wasn't a sight-seeing extravaganza, in hindsight I think it was just the kind of vacation I needed. We mostly stayed at home & played with Stacy & the munchkins. Simon Gregory Beesley was just a few days old & the most content baby. 2 yr-old Kassy needed some extra attention & she got it! I admit that by Monday (day 3) I was getting cabin fever & so I went for walks to expel some energy. I picked up some yarn & crochet patterns in town & quickly concluded I have not the patience nor the talent for this craft. On Greg's day off work he took us to the bishop's game ranch where where we drove around in the Caribou, Elk & Buffalo pens. He & I drove up the inlet & shot off his guns & looked for wildlife. We saw swans, ducks, 4-wheelers, wolf tracks & happened upon a gorgeous waterfall. Seeing how beautiful other places are makes me think of how I can't wait to live somewhere where I can actually see the mountains surrounding me. But, of course God made the valley for a reason & I will miss my family/friends when we eventually leave. When we arrived in AK all the trees were abounding in golden leaves, but by the time we left they were mostly bare. It was below freezing at night & we just missed the snow. It was a very relaxing trip & Im happy to be back home with my Justin!

Baby Simon, blue eyes & red hair.

Kassy doing tounge tricks & on her balance beam made by daddy.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's a Boy!!!!

...or so we think. Gordon B. (The Tortoise) joined our family as a surprise on Christmas Eve 2006. As a new hatchling, he was under 3 inches & he's now around 4.5 in. Justin redecorated the habitat he made him a few months ago. He now has his very own lookout, surrounded with a stunning succulent garden, his own place to burrow, & a coconut getaway for kicks. Justin is talking about visiting the Gates to adopt again, but I say Justin & Gordon B. are just about all the testosterone I can handle around here.