Saturday, June 7, 2008


My mom took Chrissy, Katie and I. I had heard it was good but I had no idea... fantastic!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Justin planted a potted flower garden for me this spring and the Dhalias are just starting to bloom - gorgeous! When I was outside taking this picture Justin and Andrew walked out outside, got in the car and drove away. After a minute or so I realized I was barefoot and locked out without my phone. It's a good thing we live so close to my parents. I burned my feet walking to their house and Justin had a hard time feeling bad for me because I walked outside on the sidewalk instead of "grass hopping", which I guess is a favorite past time of his or something. My excuse is that I didn't walk around the streets barefoot like a motherless child. No offense, Stephanie, I know how hard-headed he can be.

for Katie

My little sister is not so little anymore. Everyone is asking me if it's a shock that she's 18 and graduated and my reply is not really. She's seemed pretty grown up to me for a while now. She has a part-time job, has realistic college goals, has made good choices in friends, and has always been the level-headed, no-drama girl in her peer group. I remember a while ago - maybe a year or so - my dad telling me he was impressed because she took notes during General Conference and then initiated an in-depth conversation about what had impressed her from it. I remember being pretty mean to her when we were children. She was scared of the movie Hook and so I'd curl my finger and chant, "Hook, Hook, Hook.." to her when we were home alone. When my friends were over we'd play hide and seek and Katie would hide and we would conveniently forget to seek. I'm glad she has forgotten some and forgiven a lot more. I'm proud of her - I love you, Katie!