Monday, May 31, 2010

Look who's talking

On Saturday Brody decided he'd try a few new words out and he's been copying sounds like crazy since then. He's said,
"ga ga" (grandpa)
"bye bye"
Justin's convinced we have the smartest kid ever.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


We went to hart park to feed the ducks...
Brody loved the geese. He wanted to run up and tackle them and he was pretty upset that we wouldn't let him get close enough.

It's mating season and the peacocks were putting on a show. Alex, being the ladies man that he is, thought they could use a few pointers. A small crowd gathered to observe this strange phenomenon.

Brody's Birthday Bash

Slip'n Slide always starts with smiles and ends in tears... Julie's foot got sliced open.Brody wasn't very into the water sports.. he preferred to
socialize with the adults and scavenge for food.
So happy to be feeding himself beans.
The other kids liked helping Brody unwrap gifts.
Sierra made this super-cute cake, and if it weren't for her help I'd have
spent the whole party cleaning and making cup cakes.
By the time we brought the cake out Brody was so full that he really wasn't interested. He's not a huge fan of cake, anyways.This video is long and mostly uneventful.