Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Haven't posted in a while...

Justin's been working around the house a lot. He ground down, patched, stained & finished the concrete floor in the extra bedroom. I think it's pretty cool looking. He originally wanted to do it in the whole house but decided against it & we're going to tile the rest. Justin has re-done lots of the plumbing in the house. I finally realized it's ok for me to paint so we're both glad that there's at least one thing I can help with. Soon we'll start working on the baby's room.

We've been gardening a ton - can't wait until our efforts start to bloom. We've planted 295 bulbs (callas, ranunculus & anemones) & a cutting garden at the side yard of sweet peas, poppies & some unusual flower that I can't remember the name of & transplanted several of our potted plants to the garden & started new plants in the pots. We started some veggies inside in trays. Justin re-seeded the lawn in late fall. That's a funny story because his brother Zeb helped him & when Justin went inside for a break Zeb thought it would look nice to fill all the planters with grass seed, too. Seems like we have more grass in the planters than on the lawn. My muscle man wrastled this snaggle-tooth monster of a weed from the back yard yesterday.

On Valentine's day Justin took me to White Forest nursery & we picked out an Alexandria Saucer Magnolia tree & a red-leaf Japanese Maple & planted them in the front. I was very excited (still am). Here's what it should look like (ours is rather bare after the wind storm):

We love College Heights Ward. We got a long vacation from callings but they finally got around to putting us to work. Justin is the Cub Scout leader & I'm the RS Enrichment leader & Primary pianist. If you know me, you know I'm not an accomplished pianist so this one's a stretch for me - I even have trouble with primary songs & hymns but it forces me to practice & I am getting better.

Here I am at 6 1/2 months. I thought it was cool feeling the baby move - it's even better to look down & see my belly moving.