Friday, January 1, 2010

Santa, Baby

Grandma & Grandpa Sorensen sent the cutest Santa suit for Brody. Of couse he was excited about the wrapping paper and bows almost more than the gifts inside. It's so easy to please him these days. On Christmas Eve we had a huge lunch and then a gift exchange at Chrissy and Jay's home and they got a cute little Beagle puppy that the girls named Daisy. The next morning we had breakfast and exhanged gifts at Grammy Steph and Grandpa Foulger's. Brody got me a family portrait session with David Bunting that I'm way excited about - but I think we'll wait until April to do it - after our get-fit goals have hopefully been met. The best thing about the holidays is having all of this time off to spend at home with my favorite people.