Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brody update

He'll be 11 months old this week... here are some recent accomplishments

He says ma ma, da da, no, go
barks at dogs
claps his hands
gives high fives
plays peek-a-boo
loves to stand and dance but just won't take that 1st step
waves bye-bye with both hands
kisses EVERYTHING with a face
blows kisses
still fascinated, I mean obsessed, with lights
loves baby einstein movies
played a mean trick on me by sleeping through the night for 2 weeks and then reverting to
multiple wakings again
has 4 teeth
not so much into baby food, prefers to self-feed
Easter morning
giving loves to the diaper baby

I was organizing my wrapping box and he decided he needed
attention so he climbed in and started to show off.
funny uncle Andrew