Saturday, January 1, 2011


We bought some trees in the fall and Justin has been planting them one by one. Brody loves to help by dad by hand shoveling dirt, playing king of the dirt hill, making dirt angels, sitting in the dirt hole, and refilling the hole with dirt. He even ate it a few times. Yes, more than once. I sometimes wonder if his taste buds work - for dinner the other night we had baked potatoes and the only thing he ate was the raw green onions!

I really like the trees, even though they are still small they already seem to add so much to the landscape. My favorite is the scarlet oak outside our back window; it has beautifully bright red leaves. There are 2 liquid ambers and a cara cara (pink) orange along the fence in back and 2 fantasy maples in front. We are hoping for vibrant fall colors next year.

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