Thursday, January 12, 2012

Away in a Manger

Brody's Preschool Christmas program: It was at noon on a Wed and Thurs. We attended on Wednesday and the small auditorium was packed so we stood in the back, which was a fine view... until the very end when Brody's class came on and several parents stood up right in front of the kids through the whole song. I didn't get a peek at one sheep. They even blocked the camera so I couldn't have seen him even if I bought the DVD. So rude! I wanted to cry and Justin was so hot that he left. It really was rediculous. I went to Brody's classroom afterwards and told him what a good job he did, and vowed to myself that the next day I'd turn into a crazy, over-protective parent and be ready to stand up and tell somebody off, if I must. Thursday I got there 2 hours early and held us seats in the 2nd & 3rd rows. What a relief when I saw him sing "Away in a Manger" and "Silent Night" wonderfully. He even did actions that none of the other kids seemed to be doing - complete with a jazz-hands finale - and I wondered if he was making them up as he went along :) He had a huge bandaid under his chin from a scrape at the park the weekend before that re-opened just before the program.

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